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secure my apps blackberry

Mark let us know about Secure My Apps which  protects your data and personal privacy when you loan out your BlackBerry and also allows you to setup profiles that will automatically run based on a user defined time. i.e. work apps end at 5 pm and personal apps will appear.

Description: Secure My Apps allows you to select apps so your data remains safe and secure.  You can share your device without having to worry about someone viewing your apps or accessing your personal photos, apps , text and e-mail.  Plus, it protects your data from accidental deletion.    Additionally, you can setup unique profiles and have them automatically start at a preset time.  So you can keep your work and your personal life separate.  Plus, you can lock both native Blackberry apps along with third party apps from the BlackBerry App World.

Its a simple, highly effective method of protecting your personal privacy.


  • Protect your personal information (e-mail, text, photos) using a password
  • Create Custom Profiles (work, home, etc.)
  • Automatically have a profile start-up based on the time of day
  • Protect personal data from deletion
  • Protect apps (default and third-party)
  • Easy to Use

Coming Soon:

  • Enhanced profiles with enhanced control to protect apps and other preferences
  • Additional tab to access frequently used apps without having to scroll through long lists of core and 3rd party apps.
  • Group Apps similar to the default menu arrangement.  Related options will be displayed by category.
  • Increased customization along with an enhanced preferences section
  • Is there a feature you would like to see?  If so, please contact us.

Price 2.99

Secure my Apps is Available in BlackBerry App World Here.

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