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Secure and manage your BlackBerry® with SmrtGuard PRO Mobile Security – the Ultimate Protection for your BlackBerry.


Normally 99.99 Today only 49.99 50% Off March 18th in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here

SmrtGuard PRO provides real-time Anti-Virus protection, Anti-Spam to filter unwanted emails, Call Blocker, Anti-Theft & Recovery with GPS tracking, Remote Wipe, Personal Guardian, Wireless Backup & Restore of smartphone data and more!

This is an unlimited subscription (i.e. one time purchase) to SmrtGuard PRO Mobile Security. Includes FREE Upgrades! SmrtGuard PRO is also available free for a 30 day trial.

SmrtGuard PRO Mobile Security includes:

– Real-time protection against the latest viruses and malaware.
– Schedule automatic virus scans and auto updates with the latest virus definitions.

Anti-Spam and Call Blocking
– Block unwanted calls automatically and blacklist numbers.
– Remove email spam and create “blacklists” of addresses.
– Backup all “blacklists” to transfer to a new smartphone.

Over-the-Air Backup & Restore
– Schedule automatic wireless backup of personal data.
– Access personal data via the SmrtGuard web portal.
– Restore data to the device wirelessly.
– Easily migrate data wirelessly to a new smartphone device.

Anti-Theft & Recovery
– Find lost or stolen smartphone and track it remotely via GPS through SmrtGuard.
– Remotely Lock your smartphone to prevent unauthorized use of phone or data.

Remote Wipe
– In case of permanent loss, smartphone data can be remotely wiped through the SmrtGuard web portal.

Personal Guardian
– Emergency distress calls with a single button push on the smartphone. When activated, it will send out a distress email, SMS and/or phone call for help.
– Allow other trusted users (i.e. loved ones) to track the smartphone via the web. Great for parents to know where their children are.

SIMCard Guardian
– If an Unregistered SIM Card is switched into the device, SmrtGuard will trigger a warning email and tracking will be turned on.

Normally 99.99 Today only 49.99 50% Off March 18th in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here

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