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Thanks to Toysoft for sending this information, I am glad more and more old classic games are being made available for BlackBerry® users.

SeaBattle 1945 is an outstanding classic Battleship™  game with stunning, beautiful graphics and superb special effects and animation. The goal is to find and destroy your enemy’s ships before they destroy you.

Each player starts with five ships: Carrier, Battleship, Submarine, Frigate and mime sweeper. The first play destroys all the enemy’s ships wins the game.

seabattle_1 seabattle_2


* BlackBerry® OS 4.3 and Higher
* 600K of Main Memory


* Stunning graphics
* Animation and Sound FX
* Toggle between Yours and Enemy map
* Manual or Random ship placements
* Large or Small map


* Pearl 320×240
* Curve
* Bold
* NOT Compatible with the Storm

Operating System

4.3, 4.5, 4.6

You can pick up this game from the Favorite Section in the Store HERE!

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