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screen recorder blackberry  10

I have been using this for a few days now, and the app works flawless. The options for this screen recorder app have been well thought out and makes it very easy for users. Screen Recorder supports delayed recording or simply start recording by flipping your device face/screen down. The min OS requirement is 10.2.

Details: ScreenRecorder allows user to capture BlackBerry 10 screen into the movie, which makes it indispensable tool for preparing tutorials and demo. For your convenience ScreenRecorder supports delayed recording so you have plenty time to navigate to preferred screen setup before recording starts. You can also start recording by flipping your device face/screen down.
To stop recording you can either press stop button or just flip your device face/screen down. ScreenRecorder comes with Setting screen where initial delay and maximal recoding time can be configured. Captured MP4 file can be immediately open at MediaPlayer or shared with others.

Price 0.99

Screen Recorder to mp4 is Available in App World Here.

Note: Min. OS is 10.2
Demo Video of a Recorded Screen

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