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sayit blackberry app download

I have been using Sayit for a few days now, and have yet to be disappointed. Everyday I am finding something new it can do with simple commands. The user interface is easy to use, and offers tons of features. I am looking forward to more updates as Sayit continues to improve on an already great concept and feature packed application. Simply say things like whats the weather like by location, who is Abraham Lincoln, Local Time by location and I would suggest trying do you like me? Response is Of Course I like all humans who ask me questions.

sayit application blackberry

I do want to share one fun thing I did with this application also. I went to where my daughter was and told her to check out this new app. I simply held up my BlackBerry and said “Tell me what you see”. I had already typed in the text to voice option the following text. “I am doing a camera scan of the area and after a facial scan it appears you are with Kimberly and she appears to be eating crackers.” Now of course I staged the response, but the look on her face was priceless. Sayit is a great serious application, but can be used for loads of fun also.

1. Ask anything you want and SayIt will answer you. For example: “How old is the earth?”, “Who is Justin Bieber?”, “1 plus 1 equals?”, “Tell me about your self?”,
“What’s the weather like?”,….and a lot more!
2. You can compose new Email , new Message, open BlackBerry Map, task, calendar,…. using your voice
2. You can Compose SMS, Email, BBM or any text typing use your own voice!
3. You can convert Text to Speech and download the converted text as *.mp3 format
4. You can convert Speech to Text and copy the text to send via BBM, SMS, MMS, Email,….

System requirements:

1. BlackBerry OS 5, 6, 7 and higher
2. Internet connecttion: BIS, BES, 3G, H+, EDGE, GPRS, Wifi and a direct TCP/IP
3. Alow all permissions (For OS5:Options – Device – Application Management – SayIt – Edit Permission – Connections (Allow), Interactions (Allow), User Data (Allow), For OS 6 and higher: Options – Advanced Options – Application Permission – SayIt – Edit permissions – Connections (Allow), Interactions (Allow), User Data (Allow))

How to use:
1. Voice Recognition: Press “SayIt” button then say a command you want.
2. Compose SMS, Email, BBM, text typing using your voice instead of typing: In any text input fields (for example: BBM chat box, new message, new SMS, new task,…) Press BlackBerry’s Menu key, then choose “SayIt”,
after that, a dialog box will show the text what you’ve said, press OK on the Dialog then you’re done!
3. Text to Speech: Type or copy any text you want then Choose Voice – press SayIt button – Done!
4. Speech to Text: Choose record time – Press Record button – Done

Price 4.99

Sayit for BlackBerry is Available in BlackBerry App World Here.

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