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RIM media relations let us know that starting today, BlackBerry users can download the first premium app that will be available through this offer: iSpeech Pro 2.0 reads your text messages and emails out loud so you can concentrate on the road. Eliminate the temptation to reach for your phone by letting read to you and automatically respond for you. 2.0 Pro allows you to send text responses by voice and use other voice commands such as replaying the message or calling back the sender. Stay connected by listening to your messages without texting while driving or reading emails in your car. Respond by voice, hands-free. is the answer to texting while driving TWD. For more information, click here. has received a 4.5 star rating in AppWorld and has a retail value of $19.99.

-Play incoming txt (text) SMS/email messages
-Play messages on demand
-App does not slow down your phone
-Customizable auto-response and timeout duration
-Text to Speech and voice recognition powered by Mobile TTS, ASR API for Developers
-7.0 support and now support all Countries
-Support for the following languages

Available in BlackBerry app World Here.

All of the premium BlackBerry apps outlined in the October 17th press release will become available over the next four weeks.  App availability is dependent on the OS and smartphone of each individual user and will vary based on region. Over the coming weeks, RIM may announce additional free premium BlackBerry apps for customers to download, in addition to those mentioned in the press release.  For a complete list of premium apps available, customers can visit

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