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Matt from RideCharge let me know abut this great Application.

RideCharge completes the online travel booking puzzle, by giving travelers the ability to book taxis and sedans online.

The service is available in over 30 U.S. cities.  Below are some recent cities that have adopted the service. Check available cities by going HERE!

Save Time: Book and Track Taxis on your BlackBerry!

Use Your BlackBerry to book and cancel taxis 24/7, nationwide.

Know where your car is with real-time updates on BlackBerry.

No paying cash! Pay for taxis with your BlackBerry at the end of the ride.


RideCharge gets rid of paper receipts, eliminates the need to carry cash for taxis, and allows travelers to find reliable service in unfamiliar cities, all from your BlackBerry®.

BlackBerry users can now get RideCharge by sending an email from their BlackBerry to

You can download the BlackBerry® app by going HERE!

RideShare homepage for more details and availability is HERE!

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