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I have been wanting to tryout Google’s Mobile App for sometime and finally got the chance today. I spend a lot of time on the road and figured I would find it very useful. After doing several things I was very pleased with the speed and accuracy.

Voice Search New! Speak your queries with no need to type.
1. Launch the Google Mobile App.
2. Hold down the call button
3. Speak your search terms when you see the ‘Speak Now’ alert.
4. Release the call button.


I used the Search by voice option saying “BlackBerry Sites”



It took just a few seconds and worked very well. I tried several other voice requests like Map Quest and Stat Counter without a single error.

Additional Features:

Search with My Location. New! Search for business, weather, and movie information without specifying where you are.

Local search suggestions on a map. See nearby business suggestions on Google Maps — just tap the “near me” suggestions.

Instant access to search. Start a Google search with just one click.

Google Suggest. Get relevant search suggestions as you type, saving you keystrokes.

URL suggestions. Get to popular web sites quickly by tapping site web address suggestions.

Contact search. Quickly find contacts in your address book.

Search history. Get instant access to your previous searches.

Easy access to other Google products. Launch other Google products like Maps, Gmail and News from the Apps tab.

You can Change several of the setting by using the menu options.


You can pick up the Google Mobile App by going HERE!

On your BlackBerry you can go HERE!

For more Q&A you can go HERE!

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