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If I only get one thing across to the readers in this article I want it to be this, “The pictures you take on your BlackBerry® will appear in your My Pictures Folder on your PC.”


Currently for T-Mobile customers, future carriers being added.

I covered this application back on March 19th and was extremely impressed by what it had to offer. After several Q&A email exchanges with Rob (Marketing Manager) of Ontela and  a phone conversation with Dan (CEO) of Ontela, I could immediately  see why  they were named breakthrough start-up of the year.
A week later I received a T-Mobile Curve so I could personally demo the PhotoBucket Mobile Uploader for myself. Ontela had everything pre- installed on the Curve, so all I had to do was install the Uploader onto my Desktop. This was accomplished in three very simple steps.
The coolest thing of the whole application for me was the pictures I took automatically went into the My Pictures folder on my PC. No cables to hook up or initializing a sync of any kind. Snap a picture put the phone away and that picture was sent to the Photobucket account, emailed to me, and would Magically appear on my PC.
Having an application that can have all the pictures you take on your BlackBerry simply appear in your My Pictures folder on your PC is nothing short of awesome.

Here is a scenario for you:

Lets say you are out with your family on vacation, a  local trip to a family function or at the  Zoo. You take some pictures and do nothing elese but place your BlackBerry back into your pocket or holster.


Your  friends and family can view these Pics on your PhotoBucket account in just a few minutes, during this time you have also received each picture in  an email account of your choice and back to what I feel sets this program apart from any other is your Pictures are already sitting on your home PC as well.

At this point the only Carrier that is offering this for BlackBerry User’s is T-Mobile for the following devices. The BlackBerry Curve, Pearl and Pearl Flip.

Demo Video:

How much does it cost?
The Photobucket Mobile Uploader for T-Mobile is available in both free and premium versions. Following the 21-day trial, users can continue using the free version or purchase the full software for a special holiday one-time purchase price of $19.99. The expired trial version allows users to upload only to Photobucket, while the premium version gives users access to Photobucket, as well as the ability to send photos to their home PC or to any email address.

How many pictures can you take?
You can take as many pictures as you’d like. Photobucket Mobile Uploader will create sub-albums once your main album is full, so your pictures are guaranteed to be secure.

How fast will my Pictures arrive?
Upload speeds depend on network coverage and your internet connection. With good coverage and a high speed connection, pictures can arrive two minutes from the time they are taken on the phone.

T-Mobile Customres can pick up this Application HERE!

Thanks again to the folks at Ontela!!!!

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