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Well I received my invite to try out the free 1GB of storage with mIQ. All I can really say right of the gate is WOW!


First off it has a great user interface from the desktop. I can see all my photos, Capture1_2_3videos, messages, calls made, missed calls and more. I can even make notes on this information. I can see my Calender and update my desktop and it is pushed to my device.  I can access my contacts and see the calling information as in length of calls and date of calls.

I can also do things from my desktop with the  information that was pulled from my phone. Here is a screen shot of what you can do.


If you use the Send a Message it will auto complete from your contacts.

I am still playing around with this but extremely impressed so far and will do a more in depth review as I learn more about this.  If you missed out on signing up for  an invite you can look at our previous article HERE! and simply click the link to the mIQ sign up page.

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