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For a long time I've seen Meterberry referred to as one of the must have BlackBerry apps. After spending some time using it I can easily see why.  Meterberry is a great program for those who like to keep an eye on how their device is performing. There are many different options with Meterberry. I'll point out a few of my favorites.

Meterberry monitors your battery, memory, phone temperature and signal strength. All of this information can be logged, which allows you to go back and see what your device was doing at any given time during the day.  This logging feature can be disabled if you do not need that information.  
You can reset your device with it, so no more popping out your battery for reboots. You can do a reboot at any time from with in the app or schedule the app to do a reboot at the same time each day.

You can set the home screen icon to display any combination of the following – battery level, battery temperature, battery time remaining, free memory, change in free memory since start up, or up time since the phone was last restarted. This feature makes it very easy to get all of this information by just glancing at your home screen.
The app also calculates average battery discharge rate and with that information it calculates remaining battery time until full discharge. It helps you detect memory leaks by keeping track of changes in free application memory since the device was last rebooted. It has customizable battery and memory notifications, that will notify you whenever your battery or memory drops below a certain point that you specify.  It even has a memory cleaner to help free up used memory.  Meterberry also has several other useful features and options.

I would definitely consider Meterberry deserving of all the praise it has received. It is a very light weight app for all of the features it offers, and it does everything it says it will do.  Well worth the price.

Price 3.99

Available in our BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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