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Catan – The First Island is the BlackBerry version of the very popular board game "The Settlers Of Catan".  In it players assume the role of settlers on the island of Catan, each attempting to build and develop their settlement while trading and acquiring resources. Players are rewarded points as their settlements grow.  The first player to reach a set number of points is the winner. The board game has sold over 15 million copies and has been translated into thirty different languages. It is commonly referred to as The Monopoly Killer, and for good reason.  It's an excellent game that I am a big fan of.  

The BlackBerry version of the game allows you to play with up to three other players,  they can either be human or computer players.  There is several different computer opponents to choose from.  Each with their own play style,  This allows you to adjust the difficulty.  It also has a save feature with multiple save locations. So you can easily pick up your game where you left off whenever you get a few minutes of free time.  

This mobile version is very true to the original.  Everything from the board game is here.  All of the rules carry over and you even get the almanac for those times when you need to look something up.  The options within the game even allow for the common rule changes that players of the board game are familiar with.  

If you are a fan of the original you will love this game.  If you have never played The Settlers of Catan you can quickly and easily learn how to play it using the tutorials, or you can just see what all of the hype is about without spending $40 on a board game that you may or may not like.

I played the game on my Bold 9650 and the controls did take a little getting used to. Mainly because the back Key will bring up your menu instead of the actual menu key.  This goes against what we are familiar with as BlackBerry owners and I'm not sure why they did it that way.  But I had no problem getting the hang of it within my first couple of games.  

Overall I highly recommend Catan – The First Island,  The price makes it a great value as far as BlackBerry games go.  I've easily spent more time playing this game than any other BlackBerry game and everyone I know that has it is as addicted to it as I am.

Price 2.99

Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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