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Having been a big fan of  RealPlayer SP since it first came out in Beta, I was pleased to see the latest announcement.  How do you take an already great service and make it better? RealPlayer SP knows how and did with adding Video Trimming.


How often do you see a video that you like online, but you’d love a 20-second version of the 8-minute video? With the new version of SP you can simply trim out the part that you like and save it to your hard drive, or put it directly onto your BlackBerry Device. You can also Tweet it to your friends, and upload it to your Facebook and MySpace pages.

realplayer sp

If you currently have the RealPlayer SP you can simply open it up on your Desktop and you will be prompted for the Free upgrade.

Want to get RealPlayer SP and upload videos to your BlackBerry you can do so HERE!

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