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Special thanks goes out to John (E-COMM General Manager) for letting us know that E-COMM’s GadgetPublishing division released a game application for the BlackBerry Storm called Reaktion.


How fast can you react? Reaktion challenges your reaction ability. Touch Reaktion’’s colored buttons when displayed and Reaktion records your reaction response time level.

When playing the Reaktion game,  the game player’s “Reaction” time is challenged and tested in a simple, fun, and very fascinating way.  During the Reaktion game’s play time, nine touch buttons are displayed in Reaktion’s game field on the Storm’s display.  During game play, Reaktion’s nine differnet touch buttons are illuminated in various colors and in real time and order sequence. Reaktion gives the game player a limited amount of time to touch the illuminated buttons after they are displayed.  As the game player plays the Reaktion game, the time that the player is allowed to react to the touch buttons that light up gets shorter and shorter.  When the Reaktion game player is not able to react to the colored touch buttons as they are displayed in the time interval set by Reaktion, the game player loses the match against Reaktion and the game is over

Reaktion is easy to play and a challenge to master.  Individual game players and groups of game players who take on the Reaktion game challenge can not resist playing the game.  In group game play, each game player who plays the game tries to have the fastest Reaktion game time.

How the game came to be:

“We decided to release our first “Gadget” application targeted at the mobile games marketplace due to the market’s tremendous potential”, states E-COMM General Manager, John Stark. “We see that Research In Motion’s recently released BlackBerry Storm phone as opening a new game marketplace opportunity as a result of the release of this new technology from RIM. The mobile games marketplace not only presents a large business opportunity, but a marketplace in which the innovations in mobile phone handset technology create new generations of mobile game players and market opportunities.”

Great Price  of $1.99 USD

To get the game Click HERE!

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