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How many PDF files do you read every day? Chances are quite a few. RepliGo Reader works with your BlackBerry email and media card to bring these documents to life. Similar to AdobeĀ® ReaderĀ® for your desktop, RepliGo Reader opens and displays PDF files natively. There is no need for a costly subscription, conversion service or even wireless coverage once files are screenshot160stored on your device.

Why choose RepliGo Reader? As the first native PDF reader for BlackBerry, RepliGo Reader has the most complete support for the official PDF specification. Documents render with the utmost fidelity, accurately preserving fonts, images and other page elements. Additionally, RepliGo Reader comes packed with great features like page caching, file management and a fast reading view, just to name a few.


  • Highest fidelity native PDF solution on the market today.
  • Desktop-quality viewing of PDF files and email attachments.
  • Reading view which reformats pages into a single column, making them easy to read document.
  • Text search, allowing information to be found quickly in multipage documents.
  • PDF bookmarks for easy document navigation.
  • Page caching for improved document viewing speed.
  • Simplified email attachment downloading and viewing.
  • Continuous page display makes document navigation easier.
  • File management features: Delete, Copy, Move, Rename and Save.
  • Send as Email feature to email PDF files from within the application.
  • Text selecting and copying text to the clipboard.
  • Enhanced support for Asian-based languages and character sets.
  • Improved robustness on large and complex PDF files.

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