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I had the privilege of beta testing QuickPull 5 towards the end of October (see here)  and needless to say I was more than impressed.   Now available for everyone to download so do not miss out on this "must have" application. If you have a previous version of QuickPull be sure to uninstall it first. Download link provided below.

QuickPull 5 is the latest iteration of one of the most popular BlackBerry® applications ever. With over 3 million users in 35 countries, QuickPull has become the "must have" utility of every BlackBerry® user. QuickPull 5 is no exception. Completely rewritten from scratch, it offers the most compatibility, most stability, and easiest use of any version of QuickPull to date.
QuickPull 5 sports a new "fluid" UI, giving your device the visual appeal it deserves while making it intuitive to get things done.
The "Scheduler Dashboard" makes it even easier to schedule automated QuickPulls and provides you with an at-a-glance overview of your schedule history and settings.
New social integration with Twitter enables you to effortless let people know you’re about to be MIA, or to brag about how much easier it is to use QuickPull 5 than break a nail on your battery door.
Finally, after each QuickPull you’ll receive a personalized "Post-Reset Report" showing you just how much memory you gained by running that reset. Instant (well, 5 minute or so) satisfaction.
Best of all, QuickPull 5 with all these features are completely FREE! So go on, download QuickPull 5 today.

Download OTA by going Here.



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