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If you have known me for more than 10 minutes or followed my articles for very long you probably know that I am a huge fan of QuickLaunch, in fact its really the only BlackBerry Application that I just can’t seem to live without.  I admit I made it several weeks with my BlackBerry Torch 9800 without QuickLaunch and I guess its not as crucial as it is to me on the other devices, but this is partially due to RIM’s crack smoking decision to get rid of my beloved left convenience key.  I use my BlackBerry camera a lot so it is a major compromise to give up the single convenience key to QuickLaunch but my compromise was simply to add the camera to my list within QuickLaunch.  So as a long time QuickLaunch for BlackBerry user I still think it’s probably the

Get QuickLaunch BlackBerry Application in the BlackBerry Sites Store for $4.99

Store Description:

QuickLaunch is a must have application for every BlackBerry owner. With an interface that is seamlessly integrated with the look of the BlackBerry OS, QuickLaunch will create shortcuts to most any application on your device with ease and style. In addition the added functions included with QuickLaunch will enable you to delete several other apps on your device saving memory making QuickLaunch the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of your Blackberry.

QuickLaunch allows you to setup shortcuts to various functions such as Websites, Email, SMS and PIN addresses, Phone numbers, 3rd Party Apps, Videos, Images, Audio files, Device Info, Bluetooth Configuration, Camera, Video Camera, Delete your Call Logs, Manage Connections, Device Reset, Google and Wikipedia Search and other functions such as Blackberry Options, Calculator, Calendar, Event Log, Tasks, WiFi On/Off Toggle (Bold and Curve Versions) and more! Configure a convenience key to activate QuickLaunch and when pushed a menu will popup showing a scrollable list of your configured actions. The menu can be set to appear on the Right or Left side and can be shown on virtually any screen so you can perform any action without backing up and navigating through your homescreen and folders saving you time. Quick easy access to what you want to do wherever you are!

*** See the NEW DEMO VIDEO ABOVE! ***

QuickLaunch does not run in the background taking up resources. QuickLaunch runs only when it’s opened allowing you to choose your previously configured shortcut, function or 3rd Party Application. Make your selection by highlighting the menu item you want and your off! QuickLaunch then exits until you run it again.

Find out why QuickLaunch has been the #1 selling BlackBerry App of 2009.


* Bedside Mode Shortcut

* Alternate Launch Methods

* Border Size option

* Background Color

* Background Transparency

* Opera Mini Support

* Screen Capture in System Menu

* Scheduled Reboots

* Options Subpage Shortcut

* ‘Larger’ Font Option

* Added support for the CrunchSMS app

* Support for Pandora, Slacker, Lister, iHeartRadio

* Password Toggle Shortcut

* Menu Width Option

* Max Menu Item Text Length increased
… to 25 characters

* Email Subject Header Option

* Automated Activation Code Support service at NikkiSoft website

* QuickLaunch Function Button Added

* Check For Update Function

* Allows for setting up 2 or 3 letter shortcuts (ex: CO = call office; SST = sms soccer team)

* Configurable Homescreen Hotkey – choose a letter or the spacebar to run Quicklaunch from your keypad while on the homescreen

* Websearch – Integrated search to the following search sites: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, eBay, BBC, Google News, Google Images, Youtube, IMDb, Dictionary, Thesaurus and Wikipedia

* Multi-click Launching by convenience key (double, triple or quadruple click to launch items) [Currently Tour Only – other devices soon!]

* Backlight Brightness Setting

* Bluetooth Toggle – Quickly Turn Bluetooth On / Off

* Profile Selector – Set a desired profile to your phone in 1 click

* Stay Lit – Keep your backlight on for as long as you want w/o dimming

* Camera Shutter Mute – turn off the camera shutter sound (not available on 9800 & 8300)

* Flashlight

* Wifi Toggle

* Check for updates and download latest version directly from within QuickLaunch

* Backup / Restore to .txt file -No more lost menu configurations when upgrading your OS. The Menu List, Options and Activation Code can now be stored in a .txt on your SDCard and easily and reliably restored.

* Built-in Screen Capture function – QuickLaunch now includes it’s own screen capture capability generating a high quality image. After the image is taken you have the option of immediately emailing it.

* Launch Media

* Device Reboot

* Orientation / Tilt Lock (9800 and Storm only)

* Create Custom Submenus – Now you can organize your list in categories. You can even have submenus within submenus.

* Display Current Temperature – You can now display your local temperature (or just about any other city in the world) and Hi/Lo forecast information in the title bar.

* Yahoo Weather

* Add Items Alphabetically – Enable this option to add menu items in alphabetical order

* 3 Font sizes – Small, medium and large

* Power off device

* System Menu Integration – This option will allow you to add QL to the BlackBerry system menu a la ‘CaptureIt’. An added bonus of this feature is that now QL can be run on top of some apps that it previously wasn’t able to in the past such as Opera Mini.

* Improved Performance


  • Features:
  • Multi-click by Convenience Key Launching
  • Assign 1-3 letter shorcut keys
  • Website Launcher
  • Speed Dialer
  • WebSearch
  • Programmable Hotkey to launch QuickLaunch
  • Bluetooth Toggle
  • Email, SMS and Pin address shortcuts
  • Send Emails to Contact Groups
  • Device Info (PIN, OS Version, Battery Status, Memory, Media card info etc)
  • 3rd Party Apps Launcher
  • Orientation /Tilt Lock
  • Control Backlight Brightness
  • Screen Capture in png format
  • Flashlight
  • Camera Shutter Mute ( not available on 9800 & 8300)
  • Memory Cleaner
  • App Switcher
  • Sound Profiles
  • Radio Toggle
  • Create Subfolders w/in the menu
  • Sound Profile Selector
  • Stay Lit (keep your backlight on for as long as you need without dimming)
  • Launch documents such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, .ppt etc. (requires 3rd party reader)
  • Browser
  • Weather
  • Contact List
  • Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Web Search -Quickly perform a search using the following sites:
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, eBay, BBC, Google News, Google Images,
  • YouTube, iMDb, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Wikipedia
  • Delete your Call Logs
  • BlackBerry Maps
  • BlackBerry Options
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Device Reset
  • Bluetooth Configuration
  • Event Log
  • WiFi On/Off Toggle
  • BB Tasks
  • Manage Connections
  • Device Lock
  • Power Off Device
  • Homescreen shortcut
  • Voice Notes
  • Voice Dialing
  • Ability to change menu text color
  • Backup and Restore functionality
  • and more!

Minimum Requirements:

– For Torch 9800
Display Dimensions


Operating System

   6.0 Touch Screen


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