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blackberry Emergency Alert Messaging System  blackberry Emergency Alert Messaging System

One of the first things I noticed after installing the OS 7.1 was the Emergency Alert Messaging System folder. I really was not sure what it was for, maybe OS updates, BBM or BIS planned outage warnings? Well I was kinda surprised when I saw what it was actually for.

Current Alerts Listed:

  • Presidential Alert Messages
  1. Extreme Threat Alert Messages
  2. Severe Threat Alert Messages
  • Amber Alert Messages
  • Monthly Test Alert Messages

I do think I will like this feature but time will tell. You can turn on or off the messages at your choosing but I did not see any zip-code or area setting for the Amber Alert so I will need to wait and see if it detects GPS and sends by location or broadcasts all.

The alert tone is very cool sounding so I look forward to the first one I receive. (Probably while in a meeting) lol


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