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Special Thanks to Nathan at Privus Mobile for the following information and Screen Shot showing the NEW caller name lookup feature and interface design.

Privus Caller Name Lookup BlackBerry

Privus Mobile, the first Caller ID solution for BlackBerry smartphones, pushed out a free update to distributors and existing subscribers enabling caller name lookup in addition to its enhanced Caller ID services. The updated smartphone application now allows users to receive the name registered to any phone number by simply inputting the number in its new, easy-to-use caller name lookup interface as well as receive the name associated with all incoming calls on the device – not just the names of incoming callers already in the phone’s contact list. Users can also download the update from inside the Privus Mobile application.

Privus Mobile is compatible with all BlackBerry devices including the new BlackBerry Tour 9630, BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Bold.

Caller ID (Name Display) for Blackberry (RIM) – monthly subscription

Caller ID (Name Display) for Blackberry (RIM) – 3 month subscription

Caller ID (Name Display) for Blackberry (RIM) – 12 month subscription

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