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This is a really cool product, especially in a business environment or if you hang around nosy people. The Demo Video from eAccess Solutions covers the Bold but works on many other BlackBerry Devices.

Privacy Screen Pro by Case-Mate.


Do you have nosy neighbors? Shield your BlackBerry Bold from curious strangers with our brand new Privacy Screen Pro. Our Privacy Screen provides protection starting at 45 degrees from the screen surface, ensuring that your information is protected from prying eyes, but crystal clear for you. And, this screen works both horizontally and vertically so that your view is not compromised.

See Screen shot.


What makes our Privacy Screen so unique? – It provides greater security due to a 45 degree viewing angle compared to others that have a 60 degree viewing angle
– Case-mate privacy screens provide crystal clear viewing whereas others create a dimming haze
– Our static cling design is easy to install and will not leave a residue on your screen like other brands.
– Our privacy screen provides visibility both horizontally AND vertically, not just in one direction!
– This privacy screen can be cleaned simply by holding it under running water. It will not effect the static cling adhesion to your phone.
Check out the Demo Video By eAccess Solutions Inc. Below.

The Pricacy Screen Pro works on many other BlackBerry Devices.

Visit case-mate for more details by going HERE!

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