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Here it is, an extremely detailed unofficial World of Warcraft theme for the Storm. I have spent many many hours creating this theme and customized just about everything I could. There are lots of small details you can’t see in the pictures, you will just have to try it out to see them.
screenshot_1 screenshot_2 screenshot_3
WOW Pro V1:

– Every Icon, that can, has been replaced with an in-game Icon
– Custom Battery and Signal meter – Health (green) is Battery – Mana (blue) is Signal. The health will turn yellow when charging and orange if there is a problem.
– 4 permanent buttons on the bottom – Messages, SMS/MMS, Contacts, Browser
– 5 custom Icon hidden dock (tap the area of the icons and they appear)
– Profiles button on the top left
– Clock button on the clock
– Calendar button on the date
– Manage Connections button under the clock
– Applications Menu button is the left half of the screen
– QuickLaunch button is the right half of the screen
– New email notification – bottom bar turn red with a new email, yellow with a missed call
– The Home banner portrait portal is clear and can be changed to your avatar with a custom wallpaper that you create.
– Runs fast and No memory leaks

You can pick this up in our store HERE!

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