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This Win se7en Popup-HS theme for bold 9000 and curve 8900  v1.1  by kissberry is an awesome looking theme.

Win7 operating system beta has been published a long time.The beautiful interface make more and more people down and use it.This theme imitated the win7 operating system but do some modifications.
Calendar , phone list and media used pop window looks more dynamic.
Watch the preview pictures about win se7en theme, I think you will like it.



* Fresh and cool homescreen and icons.
* Pop windows for Calendar,phone list and media on the homescreen.
* Scientific layout make homescreen be used maximize.
* Today erea for 8 items.
* 5 icons on the bottom of homescreen can be customizable.
* Available curve8900
* 4.6os only
* OTA or PC can download.


Minimum Requirements:

* For for bold 9000
o bold 9000(4.6OS)
* For for curve 8900
o curve 8900(4.6OS)

For for bold 9000
Display Dimensions

480 x 320
Operating System

For for curve 8900
Display Dimensions

480 x 360
Operating System

You can pick up this theme in the Newest Software section in the Store HERE!

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