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About the Game
Top 80s retro action-puzzle hit sequel. Control Rockford™ to collect as many diamonds as possible in three different, sprawling worlds. Two game play modes and new online features.

Boulder Dash Rocks

In this all new sequel of a top retro action-puzzle hit, players must collect the required amount of diamonds while avoiding falling objects, traps and besting enemies in order to open and escape through the exit, before time runs out.

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Take control of Rockford™ and collect as many diamonds as quickly as you can in three beautiful, sprawling worlds each with unique enemies and 21 levels. Defeat your arch enemy in level 16 of each world to unlock the next world. Clear level 16 of the Nether World to win the game. If you want to excel and succeed, use all the tools at your disposal: the Zapper; six types of ammo; four power-ups; level explore mode; and, dig/push/grab without moving.

Price $6.99

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