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StockIcons is an application that lets you manage your stock watch list and have all the stocks displayed on the HomeScreen just like a normal screenshot_1BlackBerry application.

Each stock can have a different font, color and background color. The stock price and price change is shown on the actual application icon. This lets you easily browse all the stocks at the current price. (note: prices are delayed)

Also permissions must be set to all allow for StockIcons in the Options app

You can set up StockIcons to automatically update your watch list during the day and all the stock icons will change as price changes. Optionally you can manually select the StockUpdate application to update all the icons on the HomeScreen.

You can also set up a target price alert. When a stock hits a target price you can set the BlackBerry to vibrate.

For detail on the stock all you do is select the stock icon and run it on the homescreen to get more info on the stock.

  • Supports BlackBerry OS4.2 and higher
  • Create upto 32 stocks in your watch list
  • Works with almost all the known exchange in the world
  • Have your stocks displayed on the HomeScreen like a normal BlackBerry application
  • Change color, font and background color the stock icon
  • Get alert when a target price is reached
  • Automatically update when you launch StockIcons or have it autoupdate every 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  • Easy to use

For Storm users you need to disable Compatibility mode in the Options->advanced->application app for StockIcons.

You can pick up the StockIcons app in our store HERE!

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