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PhotoClub enables your BlackBerry as a funny make machine with photos! It includes Adjust Photo, Add Clipart, Add Frames, Add Effect and Add Custom Elements.
1. You may resize the photo firstly to enjoy a speedy and smooth operation
2. Custom elements must be in transparent .png format
3. To move a clipart in QWERTY models , press ‘alt’ + navi key to move pixel by pixel, or press ‘alt+shift’ in speedy

* 1. 6 functions to deal with your photo, you can use one of them or some of them in one time
* 2. You can add own custom cliparts or frame
* 3. Easy to use, speedy in operation
* 4. Premium & Free link inside to enjoy more than just one art designing from MMMOOO

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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