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The primary function of this application is to store ready to send emails or text messages to a person or group.
One Key Message BlackBerry App
Then, when you are ready, send those messages quickly and easily by clicking an icon or tapping a single key (hotkey) on your device.

The application can be used in times of emergency or any time a predefined message needs to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

Through the use of easy to recognize icons, or a preset hotkey, the application makes it very simple to locate messages on your device and send them.

Also included are specially designed features to help you manage your stored messages.


  • Send emails and text messages with the click of an icon
  • Send emails and text messages by typing only one key
  • Many application features help manage your messages
  • Fun and easy to use

Price:      $8.95

You can pick this up in our store HERE!

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