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This app allows you to lock away files on your device from general view. Instead of just hiding the files, it also renames, and can even encrypt them so they cannot be opened on the device outside of the app. The is done through two menu items that are added to the FileExplorer menu (LockDown and Secure screenshot_4LockDown).

The app itself is password protected and allows you to backup your password and the list of file names that have been secured to a database. So even if you upgrade your OS, everything can be restored to the device.

Inside the application, you are presented with a list of hashed file names and a corresponding info button. Clicking info gives the original name of the file, its location on the device, as well as the options to unlock for as long as the app is open or permanently unlock the file. The list of files can also be filtered by the folder in which they reside, using the BB button.

Closing the app, and rebooting the device automatically relocks any files that are locked through the app (so no need to worry about an unexpected device reset).


  • Securely lock/hide files on your device
  • Password protected
  • Password and file name backup options
  • Automatically relocks files on app closing and device boot up

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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