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Premium with 8 entries, and weatherbug integration on the home screen. The hidden docks will give you access to your top 13 apps from your app screen as well as display in the hidden today area. The time, date, signal, battery, and message indicator icons on the home screen are all clickable.

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Time launches clock, date launches calendar, signal icon launches mange connections, battery icon launches lock screen, and message icon launches messages. With functionality like that out of the home screen you will never have to go to your apps menu again. Since the docks both hide it leaves the vast majority of the home screen visible for user loaded background to actually be seen. Features: Every single item that is skinnable is skinned Buttons and selection carets match theme color Home Screen is user background friendly Weatherbug integration Independently sliding hidden side and top docks Hidden today Clickable home screen to clock/calendar/manage connections/locks/messages Fast & super easy on batt life and memory! UPDATES! ~ Fixed bug that made it impossible to select the the date (to see calendar) on the home screen without the top dock open. ~ Fixed bug that created a white line on the top of the of the menu screens ~ Fixed bug that the showed the voice activated dialing icon when video icon was focused ~ Fixed bug that cut the missed call icon off on the home screen. ~ Recompiled all themes with plazmic update ~ Compressed images to make theme size smaller ~ Reworked wallpapers on all themes Minimum Requirements: Blackberry Storm 95xx 4.7 OS Display Dimensions 480 x 360 Operating System 4.7

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