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FileScout is a file explorer for your BlackBerry®. In addition to its core functionality (browse the file system, create directories, copy, move, rename, zip, unzip, delete files, or open your media files directly, FileScout also allows you to open text files (including .ini, .xml, etc.) so you are able to edit, copy, and paste text segments of text.
Additionally FileScout allows you to manipulate images (resize & rotate), easily save and access your favorites, search for files, create playlists across multiple folders, and send files via email or Bluetooth®.File Scou

What’s New

  • Receive any file via Bluetooth (that is send via OBEX-Push). In order to receive a file via Bluetooth on your BlackBerry® navigate with FileScout to your destination folder (in which you would like to save the file that you are going to receive) and  then select from the #Menu ‘Receive file via Bluetooth’. FileScout is now switching into it’s listening-mode and waits till you start the file transfer from the other Bluetooth device.
    When in the target folder a file with the same name already exist, FileScout will auto-rename the new received file (except when you have set the ‘Default file exist action’ to ‘overwrite’).
  • QuickFilter: Quickly filter the content of the current directory. Simply press ‘q’ to enable the QuickFilter function. The window title will now display the text ‘Find: ‘ – now start to type any char sequence and FileScout will automatically filter the current directory. To delete an active QuickFilter simply press ESC. While QuickFilter is active most of the known key shortcuts can’t be active.
    Please note that QuickFilter is also available in the free FileScoutLite version!
  • New General Option ‘Keep QuickFilter active on directory changes’: by default an active QuickFilter gets automatically removed when you change the directory. If you like to keep the current active filter you can enable this new option.
  • Iconify supports in v.1.3.0+ links to files and when FileScout (or FileScoutLite) is installed on the device then Iconify also supports links to Folders. In this new FileScout build you can create IconifyLinks to a single file or folder from the #Menu (of course this item is only available if you have installed Iconify on your device).
  • TextEditor: ‘Save as…’ allows to specify the encoding for the output file (the default ‘Save’ function will always save the file in UTF-8 – so if you like to use a different encoding in your result you now can use ‘Save as…’ from the #Menu.)
  • TextEditor/Viewer Options: Now you can specify additional custom encodings. This allows you to load a file (in the FileScout integrated TextEditor/Viewer) with a device dependent encoding (like ‘EUC-JP’, ‘Shift-JIS’ or ‘ISO-2022-JP’). Please note that the encoding have to be supported by your device. FileScout is checking if the specified encoding is supported and only accept the input when it’s valid (device dependent). Domo Arigato Mr. Hirakuri!
What’s Fixed?
  • Folder renaming and update of internal directory structure cache
  • Bluetooth send list (list of potential recipients in range) could get messed up when a remote device does not submit a valid ‘user friendy name’
  • TextEditor reported "File not saved" after the use of the ‘Save’-MenuItem followed by leaving the Editor with ESC-Key
  • Possible Uncaught ‘NullPointer-Exception’ fixed during application startup

Before your purchase feel free to download the 14 day trial version.

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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