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FileScout – the complete file, text, zip, and image manager
-BlackBerry Developers Fund Developer Challenge 2009 Finalists-

FileScout is a file explorer for your BlackBerry®. In addition to its core functionality (browse the file system, create directories, copy, move, rename, zip, unzip, delete files, or open your media files directly, FileScoutscreenshot160 also allows you to open text files (including .ini, .xml, etc.) so you are able to edit, copy, and paste text segments of text.

Additionally FileScout allows you to manipulate images (resize & rotate), easily save and access your favorites, search for files, create playlists across multiple folders, and send files via email or Bluetooth®.

Before your purchase feel free to download the 14 day trial version.

What’s New?
Integrated Image Viewer – browse all images of a directory
* Image Viewer – FileScout have now a complete independent Image Viewer that allows to scroll to next or previous images in the same directory (without the requirement to go back to the FileScout file listing).
Additionally FileScout can cache the images that are ahead and/or that are already shown (the amount of images that will be cached depends from your available memory – FileScout will automatically check the available free memory in the background and remove the ‘oldest’ images from the cache if the device have not enough free memory left).
o Storm & Storm2 Users:
+ Click on the right side of the touch screen to get to the next image
+ Click on the left side of the touch screen to get to the previous image
o Available keyboard shortcuts:
NAV RIGHT:    Previous Image
NAV LEFT:    Next Image
[O]:    (O)pen current image with BlackBerry® default images.content handler:
This allows you to perform all available options image operations like Zoom, use the Image as HomeScreen background etc…
[I]:    (I)mage Details: Opening the default file detail dialog of FileScout
[N]:    (N)ext Image
[P]:    (P)revious Image
o New Option Section ‘ImageViewer Options’:
+ Use FileScout buildIn ImageViewer [default: ON]
If you do not like to use the new feature you can completely disable it
+ Upscale smaller Images [default: ON]
+ Prefetch all Images in directory [default: ON]
FileScout can preload the images in the current directory for faster viewing. Please note cause of device memory limitations it could be, that not all images could be preloaded. FileScout will automatically load only as much images as fit into the device memory
+ Filename display (time in sec) [default: 3 sec]
FileScout will display the filename of the current image as overlay at the bottom of the screen. You can specify the time in seconds how long this overlay should appear. You can specify 0 seconds to turn off this feature.
* Bluetooth enhancements
o Available Bluetooth device list will start with ‘Please wait…’ to indicate that FileScout is searching for available BlueTooth devices (instead of *empty*)
o Massive performance improvements in the Search for available Bluetooth devices.

What’s fixed?

* FileScout is able to find and use a Bluetooth device when more then one device is in the range of your BlackBerry® (in previous versions the list of available devices was always empty in this case).

All the features and additional screen shots in our Store HERE!

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