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Hedone has released a very cool looking theme named Desire. Everyone who owns a smartphone has been annoyed by the backlight turning off or fading out when you are trying to read something or thinking about what to type. Once the backlight turns off, it’s necessary to click or press a key to turn it back on. But it’s just as annoying to have to keep moving the track device or touching the touchscreen or pressing a neutral key like Shift to keep the light on while reading.

This app adds a feature to Options, “Backlight Timeout Warning”, that warns you with an adjustable very-brief vibration shortly before the backlight is about to fade or turn off. So you can forget about the backlight and just do what you’re doing until you feel that warning, and then all you have to do to keep it on is move the trackball or wheel, brush the trackpad, or touch the touchscreen — that usually resets the timer.
For all of You who appreciate good design and functionality at the same time.
This theme consist a perfect balance between rough grungy and romantic desire … And! On top of all that its not just awesome to look at – it`s also multi-functional theme.
Check design wings – left one as signal meter and right one as battery meter. But there is more! These wings are also buttons (manage connections and options), as it is clock circle!!! Plus! 6 customizable buttons on Your home screen … Plus! Profile button as part of the design above the clock.
So, that’s 10 buttons right on Your homescreen with amazing design that will charm You every time You`ll look at your Blackberry!
* – Multi function support
* – Options button on HomeScreen as part od Design
* – Manage Connections on HomeScreen as part od Design
* – Clock on HomeScreen as part od Design
* – Wings as battery and signal meter
* – HedoneDesign Icons
For The Following Devices:
* 8900 series
* 9000 series
* 9500 series
* 9600 series

Price: $6.99 Special Price: $3.99 until Oct 28

You can pick up the Desire Theme in our Store HERE!

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