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Call Tools is a program that lets you add call notes to the Calendar application, create a new task in the Task application or add a follow up appointment in the Calendar every time you hang up the call.
Call Tools now includes NotNow feature to send a friendly SMS message to the incoming caller when you manually ignore the call.
You can set up Call Tools to always prompt you for a call note when you hang up blackberry app the phone or only when you talk more than specific time for example 1 minute.
With Call Tools all your call notes becomes a daily journal and can be viewed easily.


  • Create new appointment after each call
  • Create a new Task after each call
  • Create a follow up appointment after each call
  • Manually add a call note in Callnotes app
  • Automatically close CallNotes screen after each call if no notes entered
  • Option to Always prompt for a call note
  • Option to Only prompt for a call note if call is longer than a specific time eg: one minute
  • Have a daily Journal of all your notes in the Calendar
  • Filter out the callers you do not want to add callnotes
  • Send friendly SMS to the caller when you manually ignore the call
  • Sync the calls to your desktop (Depends on your sync software)
  • Very easy to use

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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