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What is a Network Lock?
A network lock stops you from using another network’s SIM card in your Blackberry. If you see “invalid SIM card” when you insert another SIM card, your device is network locked.

Why should I unlock my device?
Once your device is unlocked, you can use it on any GSM network. unlock blackberry
This is usefull if you are travelling and want to use a local SIM card, if you want to change carriers but keep your existing phone, if you want to use a device locked to another network on your current network etc..

What does this app do?
This app will provide you with the unlock codes needed to remove the network lock on your device.
The app will collect all the necessary information from your device, and will then send it off to our unlock servers.unlock blackberry AT&T
You will then receive the unlock codes (a seperate email will also be sent) and full instructions on how to use them.

What does the user need to do?:
1) Enter the device’s Country/Network combination that the device is currenly locked to. (e.g. United States, AT&T).
2) Enter an email address. An email with unlock codes and full intructions will be sent here.
3) Follow the simple instructions to enter the unlock codes into the device.

What devices are supported?
Any Blackberry regardless of carrier that its locked to.

What Networks are supported?
All GSM networks.

Is this legal?
Yes, this is 100% legal. This app does not remove passwords or security locked phones – it is only used for removing the network lock.

Important points – READ FIRST:unlock blackberry info
# Once you have requested an unlock code, the transaction has been made and no corrections or refunds will be made if incorrect information (e.g. incorrect Country/Carrier information) was submitted. If you are not sure of something, please contact us before requesting unlock codes.
# With some carriers, you may receive multiple potential unlock codes. Only one of these codes is the correct one, and you should enter them in the order in which they are received. Once the correct code is found, you do not need to enter the remaining codes. If you have already attempted to unlock your device before, we do not recommend using this app as there are a fixed number of attempts per phone, and if you do not have all attempts remaining you may not be able to enter all the potential codes.
# This service will not remove any power on user codes or IT policy
# Each phone has its own unique unlock code, and most phones only allow you a few attempts to enter this code. Please read supplied directions carefully before attempting to unlock your phone. If you accidentally hardlock your phone by using an unlock code too many times, you will not be refunded.
# Once the unlock code is entered your phone will never re-lock even if you upgrade the software or hard reset your phone.
# When you purchase an unlock code, it is a one shot deal that works for the IMEI we process. If you need a replacement phone unlocked later you will need to purchase the app again.
# This app is not transferable to new or replacement Blackberries.


  • Unlock codes are instantly sent – fully automated process.
  • Unlock your Blackberry in minutes all from the device itself. No need for a PC or cable.
  • Device unlock is permanent – even after OS upgrades and hard resets.
  • Full instructions provided on how to enter unlock codes.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Any Blackberry locked to a GSM network
  • Mobile or Wifi connection

You can pick up this app in our Store HERE!

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