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In some situations (i.e. when using certain apps) you may still have to click to keep it on, but this should still save you a lot of annoyance many times.screenshot_2
If you are not using the phone and have put it down, and the vibe setting is as low as most people will probably want it, it shouldn’t disturb you — you probably won’t even notice the warning vibe before the light turns off. The heavier settings are for phones that have less-responsive vibrators.
Many people set their backlight timeout longer to avoid the annoyance of it turning off while they’re reading or thinking of what to type. If you have a reminder when the light is about to turn off, you can set the timeout shorter (i.e. 30 seconds instead of 45 seconds) and potentially have both better usability and better battery life.

This app is not for those who use extremely short timeouts such as 15 seconds or less. The app tries to warn you 3 to 9 seconds before the light turns off. This means that if you have the timeout set to 10 seconds you will be warned almost as soon as you stop making input, because you are always so close to the light turning off.


* “Backlight Timeout Warning” category added to Options
Vibe feel:
* * Almost Nothing
* * Almost Imperceptible
* * Extremely Light
* * Ultra-Light
* * Very Light
* * Light
* * Medium-Light
* * Medium
* * Medium-Heavy
* * Heavy
* * Very Heavy
* * Ultra-Heavy
* * Extremely Heavy
* ——————–
* Assumed Timeout:
* 120 – 90 – 60 – 45 – 30 – 20
* Measure Timeout

Price: $0.99

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