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Set The Mood is the perfect addition to a romantic rendezvous with your loved one! All you have to do is start it up…Set The Mood takes care of the rest. Upon activation, you will immediately begin to hear soft jazzy music from your screenshot160Blackberry. Your entire phone screen turns into a fireplace that eventually fades out so as not to be a distraction. All text messages, emails, and calls are also shut off so nothing can stand in your way!

Download Set The Mood and a romantic evening is never farther away than your phone!


  • Soft music that endlessly loops
  • Full screen roaring fireplace that eventually fades to a black screen
  • All communication to your phone is automatically cut off when Set The Mood is started and instantly restored when it is closed
  • Any messages accrued during usage will show up after Set The Mood is closed
  • Other versions available for different screen sizes!

Check availability for Several Devices and Screen Sizes HERE!

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