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50% off today only with this application Profiler – Automate profile switching!

You can automate profile switching with Profiler. Schedule profile switching during the day. Integrate with Calendar application for profile scheduling
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* * Support up to 16 scheduled profiles
* * Start and end time for each profile
* * Selective days to activate profile
* * Integrates with Calendar application with keyword support
* * Supports charging profile scheduling
* * Optionally vibrate when device is in Holster
* * Optionally vibrate when keyboard is locked
* * Schedule profile directly from the Calendar application
* * Very easy to use

permission is required for Profiler. Make sure your IT can change your policy otherwise Profiler will not work.

* BlackBerry OS 4.2 and Higher
* Key Injection policy

* 8700 Series
* 8800 Series
* Pearl 81xx and Pearl flip Series
* Curve
* Bold
* Storm
* Tour

Profiler will not change the Profile if the Blackberry is in the Holster or locked. You will get a vibrate and/or sound to notify you to unholster or unlock the device. Profiler will then switch the profile.

Note: Permissions must be set to all ALLOW in the Options application.
Storm users you will need to disable Compatibility mode in the Options app

Price: $6.99
Special Price: $3.49

You can get the Profiler at our store HERE!

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