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Are you on the Do Not Call Registry but still get telemarketing calls? Would you like to block those calls and help federal and state authorities enforce your rights? What about other unwanted callers, such as collectors and donation seekers? Do you receive calls from numbers you don’t recognize? If so, then PrivacyStar™ is your answer and available now!

PrivacyStar lets you build your own personal PrivacyList by selecting screenshot160anyone in your call log or keying in any number to block them from calling you again. Additionally, PrivacyStar captures all of the necessary data enabling authorities to act quickly to stop future violations. Unblocking callers is just as easy with a single keystroke.

PrivacyStar offers the first reverse call look-up feature allowing you to find the name for any calling number. Simply select “lookup with PrivacyStar” from your call log and within seconds PrivacyStar will tell you the name of the caller. Then, you have the option to add that caller to your contacts or add to your personal PrivacyList – all with just a few keystrokes!

PrivacyStar also offers the first integrated fully synchronized personal web portal. When you register, you create a user ID and password that allows you to view, change or edit numbers, or complaint information all from your personal web portal. Any changes from either your smartphone or through your personal web portal are automatically synced with the other!


* • Block unwanted callers from your call log menu or enter numbers manually
* • Report potential violators of Do Not Call laws
* • Find caller’s identity with PrivacyStar Caller Lookup
* • Block all private or unknown callers
* • Fully integrated with your personal PrivacyStar portal

Price:      $2.99 (Monthly Subscription)

You can check out additional information in our Store HERE!

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