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Well as long as long as this launch does not get pushed back anymore, Vodafone reports they will begin shipping on 1st of October. The device will be free on On Pay monthly plans from £40. Get additional details and register by following the link below.

A large touchscreen – and a QWERTY keypad

The new BlackBerry Torch has a touchscreen that works like those on other smartphones. Simply tap it with your finger and it responds fast. And when you want to type texts and emails quickly and easily, just slide out the Torch’s full QWERTY keypad. There’s also a touch-sensitive trackpad like the ones you find on laptops.

A BlackBerry that’s more customisable with the new OS 6.

This new operating system makes using a BlackBerry so much faster and simpler and integrates all your favourite social networking apps all in one place. With customisable homescreens you can switch between all your apps or just your favourites in a second. It also allows for easier multi-tasking so using multiple apps at once is a cinch. Be the first to experience OS 6 on the BlackBerry Torch.

Pinch-to-zoom comes to BlackBerry

Want to get closer to the details in a web page? Put your thumb and finger together on the BlackBerry Torch’s touchscreen and move them apart – you’ll zoom in instantly. Pinch the other way to zoom back out. And if you want to check your Facebook page while you read the news online, open both windows at once and simply flip between the two.

The best BlackBerry camera yet

You know how it is with some camera phones – you press the button to take a photo, and you have to wait before it actually captures the shot you want. Life’s simpler with the BlackBerry Torch’s 5 megapixel camera. A clever new technology called ‘Zero shutter’ means that as soon as you click to take a picture, it’s done.

You can pre-order and get additional details on the Vodafone site Here.

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