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Technology meets spirituality in PrayerSteward. With this terrific tool on your Blackberry, you’ll never forget another prayer commitment because it’s logged and ready to access whenever, wherever, 24 hours a day. Email, export, categorize and add notes in this flexible application. Everything you need in a prayer reminder is here.


There are people you know who could really use your prayers. You meet them at church, on the street, hear about them through others and emails. Often times, when you speak to someone who’s going through a hard time, you tell them that you’ll remember them in your prayers. Between the chaos of the day and the elapsed time, when you finally are able to get quiet enough to pray, you’ve forgotten your promise to that person.

That will never happen again, if you download PrayerSteward to your Blackberry. This unique application lets you log all of your commitments easily in one handy place. You can even enter prayers that you want to make in the future and the app will remind you when the time comes.

Staying organized is a breeze with PrayerSteward. You can put your commitments into one of the five supplied categories or create your own. Set it up just the way you like it. You’ll be delighted at how fast, efficient and helpful this app is.

When you get an email asking for your prayers, it’s super simple to add that commitment to your list. Just select the Promise2Pray icon, use the copy and paste functionality to move the request from your email into a category and you’re done. PrayerSteward will take it from there and hold that promise in writing for you to come back to.

Want an awesome way to multiply the power of prayer? Share non-confidential prayer requests with your circle, just by using the email function. It won’t take long to round up a strong prayer force for that person who needs your help.

Vow that starting today, you will always keep your promise. Purchase PrayerSteward now and confidently let others know that you’ll pray for them. The app will help make sure that you never forget to keep your word.


  • Standard interface allows for quick adoption by the novice or experienced Blackberry user.
  • See an inspirational Bible verse about prayer each time you activate PrayerSteward. You can choose to copy the verse to the clipboard for use in commitment text and notes, or choose to email the verse out to friends.
  • Prayer commitments are easy to enter with only the category and text of the prayer required. An entered commitment is immediately available and set to ongoing.
  • Mark individual prayer commitments as confidential by supplying a 4 digit password. The prayer commitment will show as Confidential in the list.
  • Prayer categories are totally customizable. Use the 5 default categories that come out of the box (Departed, Healing, Intercession, Petition and Thanksgiving) or change them to meet your individual praying habits. As an example, a church elder may add a category for Elder Responsibilities.
  • Set the prayer category entered most often as the default and its one less item you need to specify when entering a prayer commitment.
  • Add extra details, such as attaching a contact from your address book, specifying dates to pray and/or adding additional notes that might be helpful when recalling a commitment. Go back and edit notes when needed or delete notes that are not relevant any more.
  • Page through prayer commitment details using the menu or shortcut keys (“N” for next, “P” for previous)
  • See a contact’s picture in the details of prayer commitments.
  • When its time to pray just tap the Promise2PrayTM icon to recall a list of all of your active prayer commitments.
  • When viewing prayer commitments list by prayer categories, easily collapse and expand prayer categories making it easy to focus and navigate the list.
  • Use the Preferences menu option to configure PrayerSteward to display your commitment list to best help you keep your Promise2Pray. This gives you a more personal approach to your prayer commitments.
  • Additionally, arrange prayer categories easily using the menu or keyboard shortcuts to better organize your prayer list.
  • Log future prayer commitments now when it’s fresh in your mind and they will automatically display in your active commitment list when it’s time to pray for that commitment.
  • PrayerSteward makes it easy to recall your prayer commitments on your Blackberry as part of your normal prayer routine so you’ll never again forget to pray for something or someone for whom you have promised.
  • Share non-confidential commitments with others, such as your church prayer chain, prayer group or prayer circle. What an awesome way to multiply the power of prayer.
  • It’s just as important, if not more; to thank God for the blessings he provides each and every day. But, with the hustle and bustle of our society, these too can get lost in the shuffle. Log them into PrayerSteward and remind yourself to thank God for that wonderful blessing.
  • Use the Archive Now function to quickly move an active commitment to the archived list.
  • View list of future commitments
  • View list of archived commitments (these are commitments where the end date of the prayer timeframe has passed)
  • Export all or a subset of your prayer commitments in a delimited text file via email or saved to the device’s file system. Prayer categories are exported along with the prayer commitments allowing for full backup and restore.
  • Import prayer commitments and categories from previously saved exports. Have PrayerSteward on the iPhone? Export from the iPhone and import into the Blackberry.
  • Delete batches of archived commitments based on the end date of the commitments allowing for fast clean up of the PrayerSteward database.

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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