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Simple Black isn’t a new theme but it is a timeless one, putting this theme on your BlackBerry Bold 9780 is like putting a suit and tie before heading to the office.  It is designed for productivity and efficiency and nothing else.  If you want flash and pizazz we have many themes for that, but if you want to confidently approach the day knowing that you are going to kick it’s ass then you want Simple Black.

Business Ready Features:

  • 16 Total applications can be launched from the home screen!!
  • 10 icon sliding bottom dock (User Selectable)
  • 4 static icons(User Selectable)
  • Dedicated sound profiles icon
  • Signal meter launches the Connections Manager Application
  • 6 entry hidden today section to see recent messages or upcoming calendar events

Simple Black supports most  BlackBerry Devices

Price 6.99

Available in our BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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