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Bubble Burst now has a free ad supported version for people to enjoy. Links are provided below for both the free and paid version.

Bubble Burst is the fun color matching game where you need to try to pop the largest collection of same color bubbles. Touch a set of matching bubbles to see how many points they will earn you, and click the screen to pop them. When a bubble is popped, the bubbles above it fall down to form new matches. The larger the collection, the more points you will get. Finishing the level with five or less bubbles left will give you bonus points! There are four game modes: Standard, Shift, Continuous and Megashift. Standard is the normal game where bubbles fall down and columns only shift if an entire column is cleared. In Shift mode, all the bubbles will shift as far possible to the right whenever a selection is cleared. Continuous mode causes more bubbles to appear on the left whenever a column is cleared, while Megashift is a combination of Continuous and Shift modes. This classic and simple game will provide countless hours of fun!


  • Four different game modes providing endless fun
  • Saves the highest score, average score and number of games played for each game mode
  • Fun popping sounds (can be turned off from the menu) – NOTE: Does not work on some devices due to OS issue
  • Undo last played move
  • Shapes mode (enabled from the menu during gameplay) which turns the colored balls into shapes; especially ideal for those that are colorblind.
  • Shake the device while playing to start a new game (only for Storm)


NOTE: There is a bug in the audio system of some OS versions which will cause the application to run slowly with audio enabled. Please disable audio from the game menu and restart the application if you experience this problem.

Free Version is Available in our Store Here.

Premium Ad Free version is available in our Store Here.

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