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Press Release from WebIS

In September of 2008 we brought version 1.0 of Pocket Informant to the BlackBerry and we have put a tremendous amount of effort into ramping up development and features over the last six months.

Today we are announcing version 1.5 with some major improvements all around. First up is full BlackBerry Storm support with toolbars, touch screen gestures (swipe the months to move between them) and many other Storm specific user interface features. This interface was drafted by our interface experts and then polished by our private and public beta testers over three months and we hope you enjoy it.

pocketinformant1 pocketinformant2

Next we’ve added Direct USB Outlook Sync to Pocket Informant so that all the extra fields that Pocket Informant supports can be synched directly to Outlook! This is an exciting feature as some of the things we are doing for 1.6 (full Franklin Covey support) are based off this. We’ve also added integration with the BlackBerry email view, smart URLs, and many more features – all of which solidify Pocket Informant’s place as the best PIM you can find on the BlackBerry today.
Here are some of the new features:

* NEW! Direct Outlook sync add-in via USB (requires Desktop Installation to install)
* NEW! Full support for Storm (with proper touchscreen support, toolbars, navigation bars etc.)
* NEW! Integration with BlackBerry email view with create Event/Task menu commands added
* NEW! Smart emails/URLs underlining added to note fields for events/tasks/contacts/journal
* NEW! Space+Shift scrolling up added for dialog with Space scrolling enabled
* NEW! Editing categories from main views added
* NEW! Major improvements in sync with BB PIM (Contacts/Calendar/Tasks): increased stability and performance
* NEW! More small features and bugfixes
* NEW! Month View modes with timebars and icons for tasks and appointments
* NEW! Italic font is now used for past events
* NEW! Option to make events in Agenda View one-lined added
* NEW! Option added to delete completed tasks after 15/30/60/90 days
* NEW! Quick Search added to options dialog

Free Upgrade to 1.5 Release:
This is a free upgrade for all 1.0x users. First sync your PIM, then grab the new release from the links below and install over the existing release.

System Requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.1-4.7 including the Bold and Storm

For all the details pricing, demo video and more screen shots go HERE!

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