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Today it was announced that version 1.6 of Pocket Informant has been released, 1.6 takes the major improvements of version 1.5 and makes things faster, better, and more useful. You can purchase 1.6 or for those that already have Pocket Informant 1.xx this is a free upgrade!

Details From Newsletter:

Version 1.6 focuses specifically on performance and desktop sync as well as making some major improvements to the Storm user interface. We have also added a 7 Day Split Week View at the request of many of our users. Simply put this is an update that you need to get. Its free and makes Pocket Informant run better – so what are you waiting for?


Here are some of the new features:

* NEW! Performance improvements
* NEW! Full support for Storm (with proper touchscreen support, toolbars, navigation bars etc.)
* NEW! Desktop Outlook sync improvements
* NEW! Unicode support for Desktop Outlook Sync
* NEW! New split-day week view
* NEW! Improved Storm support
* NEW! BlackBerry OS 5.0 support


Additional Information Pocket Informant 2.0

Work has started  on Pocket Informant for BlackBerry 2.0. We have many major new features coming including full GTD, Franklin Covey support, icon pack support, assigning icons to items, a Today View, templates, and many small improvements that we’ve heard from you that you want to see. You will also see even more performance improvements and continued improvements for touch screen BlackBerry. We are fully committed to Pocket Informant for BlackBerry and I think it shows.

Free Upgrade to 1.6 Release:
This is a free upgrade for all 1.xx users. First sync your PIM, then grab the new release from the links below and install over the existing release.

To get Pocket Informant go HERE!

For all the Features of Pocket Informant. Continue Reading


* NEW! Performance improvements
* NEW! Desktop sync improvements (a lot of bugfixes plus proper sync for Unicode characters)
* NEW! New split-day week view
* NEW! Improved Storm support
* NEW! BB OS 5.0 support
* NEW! Direct Outlook sync add-in via USB
* NEW! Full support for Storm (with proper touchscreen support, toolbars, navigation bars etc.)
* NEW! Integration with BlackBerry email view with create Event/Task menu commands added
* NEW! Smart emails/URLs underlining added to note fields for events/tasks/contacts/journal
* NEW! Space+Shift scrolling up added for dialog with Space scrolling enabled
* NEW! Editing categories from main views added
* NEW! Major improvements in sync with BB PIM (Contacts/Calendar/Tasks): increased stability and performance
* NEW! More small features and bugfixes
* Relative task alarms (minutes before start) support added (for sync with local BB Tasks)
* “Mark Completed” option added to task alarms
* And a lot of small changes, like more intuitive navigation between views, more appropriate default dates on new events/tasks, etc.
* Supports BlackBerry OS 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7 including the BlackBerry Bold and Storm
* Registration Key is not locked to your PIM or device. We trust you.
* Configurable categories with customizable colors/icons, contacts/events/tasks are assignable to none/one/several categories, color/icon coding of categories in all views
* All items support creating journal entries for them
* Pocket Informant for BlackBerry can either show alarms itself or delegate this task to the local BlackBerry PIM. If it does it itself additionally to the standard PIM options we have configurable Snooze times.
* Pocket Informant for BlackBerry can work as a stand alone application and can sync PIM data from the standard BB PIM (contacts/events/tasks sync can be configured individually and performed either automatically or manually)
* All main UI colors are configurable. This includes current/weekend/weekday colors, header colors, normal/low/high task priority colors etc.
* Full 15 Day trial.

Calendar Events

* NEW! Month View modes with timebars and icons for tasks and appointments
* NEW! Italic font is now used for past events
* NEW! Option to make events in Agenda View one-lined added
* Four views: day (two types: classic and simple), week, month and agenda
* Common features: Possibility to show tasks, move events/tasks right from the list view, go to today/date menu commands Day View (Classic): Configurable time scale, configurable all-day/tasks event area
* Week View: Scrolling by week or by day, showing 5/7 days week
* Month View: Displaying events summary in the calendar, detailed view of the selected day (configurable area), optional ability to navigate events of the currently selected day
* Agenda View: Displays configurable number of days, optional headers for empty days


* NEW! Option added to delete completed tasks after 15/30/60/90 days
* Three views: simple list, tree grouped by status, tree grouped by category
* All support quick search filtering (optional)
* moving tasks to a different date
* Completing tasks
* Additional filtering by category/status
* There is a full support for recurring tasks or events. Additionally for recurring tasks there is an option to configure recurrence rules (new date based on due or completion date) globally or on per-task basis.


* One view with quick search filter (optional)
* Direct calling/SMS/emailing
* category filtering
* create event for the contact
* Viewing/Editing contacts support all standard BB contact fields plus many optional fields which correspond to Outlook contact fields


* NEW! Quick Search added to options dialog
* Configurable Keyboard shortcuts for:
o Moving to any view
o Creating new items
o Moving events/tasks
o Going to today/next/previous day/week/month
o Configurable Space (scrolling/selecting) and Back (close app, minimize app, go to the previous view) button actions
* There are many optional menu commands: delete/edit/move event or task etc. which are configurable from a special Options category

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