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Whether you are a Pinball wizard or a novice, you are certain to enjoy Pinball Deluxe, a realistic, fun, eye-catching Pinball game on your BlackBerry.

Pinball Deluxe is the first and only Pinball available for your BlackBerry. We did not leave any part out while developing this great Pinball game:
Watch Video Via your BlackBerry HERE!
* Plunger, Flippers, Bumpers, Targets, Roll-over, Slingshots, Ramps, Mini-Games, Captures, Nudge/Tilt, etc…
* Realistic Physics
* Smooth animation at over 25 fps
* Unlock the Haunted Mansion and play with 2 balls!
* Access the Arcade section and play “Truck Attack”
* Play the “Mirror House”, a mini Pinball with reverse controls
* Customs sounds and vibration
* Available in 5 languages (English, French, Italian, German & Spanish)

You can see additional screen shots and purchase information in our store HERE!

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