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I came across this app while searching the web and with 7 emails on my BlackBerry® I can honestly say this app will come in very handy. I have different tones for the emails but seeing the flashing led light will definitely help, since my berry seems to be in silent mode more and more.

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The FIRST and ONLY app of its kind! Customize the LED color of your BlackBerry when someone has emailed you! Instead of seeing the boring old red color on your BlackBerry LED when you get a new email, Pimp my Mail lets you assign any color or combination of colors you want…for friends, the office, or that special someone. You will know instantly who or where the email is from just from the color of the flashing light!

* Assign any one or two colors to the BlackBerry LED indicator
* Customize by specific email address or domain name
* Select from 9 colors and combinations of them…Orange, Yellow, Green,        Cyan, Blue, Purple, Red, White or none.
* Syncs with BlackBerry address book for easy additions!

This application is priced at 6.99
Pick up Pimp My Mail Here!

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