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T-Mobile BlackBerry® Users: Look what is available for you!!!

2 Week Free Trial (U.S. only for now)

Frist off special thanks goes out to Dan, (CEO) and Rob, (Marketing Manager) of Ontela for making sure this information was provided. After communicating with them during this article I can honestly say the people of Ontela are leaders, and will continue to bring great technology to mobile users for a very long time.

What does this product offer?

Ontela, Inc. a provider of award-winning imaging services for wireless carriers, today announced that they have partnered with Photobucket, to launch the Photobucket Mobile Uploader. With Photobucket Mobile Uploader, a user’s camera phone pictures are automatically saved to Photobucket, where they can archive it privately or share it with family and friends. The service is also uniquely easy to purchase and configure.

When configuring you accomplish great things as well.

After installing the software you enter your e-mail, then receive a welcome e-mail with a link to download the PC software.  Once installed, you simply type in your phone number on your PC and it syncs up with your phone, and from that point on every picture will go directly into your “My Pictures” folder, truly automatically.  By truly automatic, I mean that you simply take pictures on your phone like you always have, put the phone back in your pocket, and they are waiting for you on your PC and other destinations when you log onto your computer.  No manual upload necessary.  Very simple, and the PC software also allows you to manage your other destinations on your PC as well, should you choose to do so. ( video demo below )

T-Mobile subscribers can use the brand new specially designed T-Mobile Photobucket application that works with the latest Blackberry phones, including the newest Blackberry Flip.

BlackBerry® Devices Supported:

* Blackberry® Curve™

* Blackberry® Pearl™

* BlackBerry® Pearl™ Flip

Screen Shots

image001 image002

About Ontela


Ontela provides technology infrastructure to wireless carriers that allows consumers to unlock the photos in their camera phones. Ontela’s PicDeck technology is available to 115 million cell phone users on 30 carrier networks including Verizon, T-Mobile and Alltel, and preinstalled on phones from all major device manufacturers.

About Photobucket


Photobucket is the premier standalone photo and video sharing site, with almost 49 million unique monthly users* around the world linking billions of personal photos, graphics, slideshows and videos daily to hundreds of thousands of Web sites,

How much does it cost?

2 Week Free Trial is Available or Purchase Photobucket Mobile Uploader today and you will pay just $19.99 for unlimited use. You do not need to enter your credit card number; the fee will be charged directly to your mobile telephone bill.

How many pictures can I take?

You can take as many pictures as you’d like. Photobucket Mobile Uploader will create sub-albums once your main album is full, so your pictures are guaranteed to be secure.

How fast will my pictures arrive?

Upload speeds depend on network coverage and your internet connection. With good coverage and a high speed connection, pictures can arrive two minutes from the time they are taken on the phone.

T-Mobile Customers Pick your BlackBerry Model and Download  HERE!

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