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Take a photo and instantly translate any texts

Just take a picture of the text in any language using your BlackBerry camera and Photo Translator will instantly capture the text and translate it.

It's incredibly useful in situations when quick translation is needed: in airports, train or bus stations, restaurants and many other places. For example, with Photo Translator, there's no need to remember the meanings of all those "pithiviers" or "madeleines"; just take a picture of the menu and find out exactly what it is that you're thinking of ordering.

  • Reliable OCR (optical character recognition) technology allows to grab the text from images in a few seconds.
  • Translated text can be saved to Memo, sent by email, or used in other apps.
  • Save results for later reference and quickly search through them.

Photo Translator supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Croatian, Hebrew, and many other languages.

Price 4.99

Available in the BlackBerry Sties Store Here.

Works very similar to the Business Card Reader application also by Shape Services.

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