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PhoneFace by Electric Pocket is a really cool product.

Why go digging through hundreds of contacts just to call your partner or gym buddy? PhoneFace shows full-color photos of your favorite contacts – so you can call them quickly and easily.

phoneface phoneface1

PhoneFace’s easy interface makes it a snap to flick through your favorite contacts with your finger or your trackball, then press to start a call, send a text or compose an email. PhoneFace shows full color photographs of your friends, or you can pick a picture from the included art to represent your buddies.

Best of all, if you are a Facebook or Twitter user, PhoneFace will go online and find your friends profile picture! That’s right – you’ll get the picture they chose on their Facebook or Twitter profile right there on your Blackberry – how’s that for a conversation starter!


* Get fast access to the people you call most often.
* Pick full color, full screen pictures from your BlackBerry or storage card.
* Connect to Facebook & Twitter to find the best pictures of your friends.
* Take photos with your BlackBerry camera.
* Pick from included images for home, office, sweethearts and more.
* Flick to the friend you want to call with your trackball or finger

Minimum Requirements:

* For for BlackBerry Storm
* For for BlackBerry Curve, Bold and Pearl
o Any BlackBerry with a trackball

BlackBerry users – Download PhoneFace and try it free for 7 days!

You can pick up this application at the store by going HERE!

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