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Password protect access to BlackBerry Messenger without locking the entire device! Lock for BlackBerry Messenger app allows you to prevent unauthorized access to BlackBerry Messenger while leaving the device open for normal use like Phone, Internet, Games and Apps.

If you find it annoying when someone either picks up or borrows your BlackBerry, and then starts looking through your BBM chats, then this app is for you! When enabled, this app will require users to type a password before they can access BlackBerry Messenger.

So the next time you find your coworker or your daughter fiddling with your BlackBerry, you can be rest assured that your BlackBerry Messenger app is out of their reach. You can allow them to use your phone for normal usage like making phone call, using Internet or playing Games and viewing Videos, while locking down BlackBerry Messenger from them.

Password protect BlackBerry Messenger app.
Quickly switch between Lock and Unlock mode.
Neat and clean graphics. Appealing to eyes.

Normally 1.99 but on sale for 0.99 until January 8 2011

Available in our Store Here.

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