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Have you ever received a ZIP file on your BlackBerry® and you could not extract its contents? This is now over! Ziplorer allows to pack and unpack ZIP files directly on your BlackBerry®.
Ziplorer for BlackBerry®  is a great way to handle zip files on your BlackBerry®.
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Core Features

* Accessible: Internal BlackBerry® memory, installed microSD card.
* Input & Output formats: PKZip, GZip.
* Packable files: Any kind of files and directories (sub-directories are supported).
* Features: Pack, unpack, delete, file info and browse the file system.

Recently Added Features

* Polished User Interface
* File Type Visualization
* Compress to a particular Folder
* Move Files
* Delete / Create Directories
* Send Files via EMail

Supported Devices

* Ziplorer supports all current BlackBerry® devices.

You can pick this up in our Store by going HERE!
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